Dog Training Books For Shar Pei Training

It is possible to train the Shar Peis successfully if the trainer is patient and consistent. The dogs are good learners and they are quite intelligent. But the training can be complicated, and hence has to be handled with care. Friends and strangers alike admire a well-behaved dog and the family can feel proud of it. In the beginning the Shar Pei obedience training takes a long time, because the puppy is learning and experiencing a lot for the first time. Once this initial stage is over, the process speeds up. Nevertheless training sessions should be short, otherwise there can be a lot of frustration for you and the puppy if things don’t work out the way you want them.

The Shar Pei obedience training should be simple and the two most important factors are rewards and praises. Use simple commands like sit and play, because the dog understands these short commands easily. Long commands like sit down here puppy or stay there, don’t move may be too long to capture the dog’s attention. Also be generous with praises and rewards towards the dog.

As mentioned earlier, giving rewards to the puppy during the Shar Pei obedience training is a way to make the puppy reproduce good behavior. Any good behavior pattern from it should immediately be praised and rewarded. This is much more beneficial to the Shar Pei obedience training than punishment for poor behavior. Each Shar Pei puppy goes all out to please its trainer, and is therefore eager to perform well at every step. The reward will automatically inculcate a desire to repeat the behavior.

Puppy kindergarten and socialization classes are the places where the Shar Pei obedience training can take place. Here they learn good manners and they also learn that they should not get too excited or distracted when other dogs and people surround them. For older dogs fun training classes could provide them with mental stimulation. Six months is the ideal age to start Shar Pei obedience training classes, but they can be sent there even earlier.

The traditional training and the motivation-based training are the two kinds of Shar Pei obedience training. The motivation-based training is better than the traditional training because it builds up a relationship between the dog and its owner and even its entire family. The traditional training has a different approach and shows the dog what it should not do.

A positive trainer is important for the Shar Pei obedience training, as he should be able to understand the problem behaviors of the Shar Pei well. He teaches the dog the basic obedience exercises and also other exercises related to hygiene, nutrition and simple health basics. Good manners should be imparted as well.

There are many dog training books available in the market and there are websites too, where any dog owner could get advice and help regarding Shar Pei obedience training. Two books to be recommended are “Sit Stay Fetch” and “Dog Training Secrets” which provide good training guides to puppies.